The following are things I have learned about food as I have walked this Intuitive Eating journey.

1.    I really don’t like Poptarts, or brownies, or celery sticks, or watermelon, or chicken nuggets, or a host of other things I thought I liked.  I had forbidden brownies and Poptarts and chicken nuggets so when I bought them, I binged.  But now with giving myself unconditional permission to eat all the brownies, Poptarts, and chicken nuggets that I want, I discovered, I really hate them.  In the same vein, I discovered I don’t like celery sticks or watermelon, or walnuts—things I convinced myself I liked when I was restricting.

2.    Food has lost some magic.  When I was restricting and bingeing, food had a divinity attached to it because I always binged on the forbidden foods in secret, and they were all mine.  When I finally would allow myself a tiny bit of chocolate or sugar, it seemed like it tasted magical.  But now, all foods—fruits, veggies, candies, baked goods, etc.)—have a similar meaning to me, which means some of the forbidden foods have lost their magic.  I used to spend hours and even days planning and preparing meals to make sure they used the exact right ingredients, price, and nutrition.  Now I find other things to fill those hours and food simply takes up as much time as it takes to make and eat it, nothing more.  Sometimes I whimsically think of the time when food was such a special treat for me (especially the forbidden ones) because I now have to find other things in my life that bring that same magic or joy.  But most times, I am so grateful that food has lost its supreme hold over me.          

3.    My body does not respond well to large quantities of sugar or processed food.  I have found that my body is not happy (yep, I’m talking gas and other bodily movements) when I eat large quantities or processed foods in a short period of time.  My body prefers if I spread those foods out across several days or a couple times a week.  So, even though I used to follow this rule as a restriction on treats, I now follow it because that’s what my body wants, a huge difference.      

4.    I actually enjoy going to restaurants now.  Before Intuitive Eating, restaurants used to be one of the most fearful places for me, because I always felt such pressure from myself and from those I ate with to choose only entrées that were nutritious.  I would always eat daintily at the table, and take at least half my entrée home with me.  But, then when I got home, I would binge on the rest of my entrée and other foods because I felt so deprived at the restaurant.  Other times, I would binge at the restaurant and feel so sick when leaving, that I would bash every part of my body and willpower.  However, with Intuitive Eating, restaurants do not need to be feared or lead automatically to binges.  I now LOVE going to restaurants because the entire menu is open to me.  I usually still bring food home, but I feel no need to binge on it because I did not deprive myself at the restaurant.  Instead, I look forward to the opportunity to eat my entrée later and enjoy it all over again.

5.    I like eating less of each food and more varieties of food at each meal (ex. half sandwich, chips, and fruit instead of simply a whole sandwich).  This one really surprised me.  My food palate likes variety at each meal rather than a lot of just one main entrée.  And because of that, I love providing veggies and fruits to accompany the main dish at each meal.  I get a taste of everything at each meal and feel so satisfied.  It also helps financially because each meal goes further.

These are some of the things I have learned so far and I am sure to add more as I continue.  What about you—what kinds of things have your learned/surprised you while on your journey?

2 thoughts on “FOOD REVELATIONS

    • Emily,
      Thanks SO much for visiting the blog. I am glad you are inspired. That is my dearest wish. Just the fact that you are here means that you are reaching out to resources that can help you on your journey. If you peruse some of my earlier posts, you will see that I have been where you are, and sometimes I go back there–one step back, two steps forward. Blessings to you. Feel free to ask questions, comment, or contact me directly to help you on your journey. You can do this! I am cheering for you!

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