FACADE The room is filled with the sounds of celebration—from polite laughter to raucous merriment.  The click clack of heels mingles with the swooshing of skirts, and the almost silent breathlessness of corsets.  The expanse of stone walls stretch beyond sight and are only broken up by the majestic columns adorned with wreaths and flowers.  […]


TRIGGERS Last night I emotionally ate—I binged on Golden Grams, Reese’s Cups (which I don’t even like), and chocolate milk.  It had been a long weekend out-of-town, my husband was leaving for a business trip to Russia for 12 days the next morning (it will be just me and my three girls), and I received […]


The following are things I have learned about food as I have walked this Intuitive Eating journey. 1.    I really don’t like Poptarts, or brownies, or celery sticks, or watermelon, or chicken nuggets, or a host of other things I thought I liked.  I had forbidden brownies and Poptarts and chicken nuggets so when I […]


TO ALL: I am going on vacation for one week, so I won’t be able to post for a bit.  I thought I would leave you with a little victory to tide you over until I return.  Feel free to still comment and I will respond to them, also, when I return.  Blessings! SCARCITY A […]


THE PRINCIPLE  After learning to honor my hunger in principle two of Intuitive Eating, I turn to a slightly more difficult prospect than simply listening to my body—unconditional permission to eat.  The idea is that by religiously following dieting rules and nutrition guidelines, I have deprived my body of certain foods (ie. chocolate, French fries, […]


  Principle two of Intuitive Eating is Honor Your Hunger.  The idea in this step is to reteach your body what it feels like to be full or hungry.  Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, authors of Intuitive Eating, aided in this quest of retraining your body by setting out The Hunger Discovery Scale.  It is […]