In a Nutshell


Hello! My name is Breanna and I am 24 years-old.  I have been happily married for five years and I have two lovely daughters.  I am a licensed Certified Social Worker in Utah and work as a therapist and an adoption worker.  I am a member of the Church and Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon).

Here you will find my thoughts, feelings, and actions as I am learning to recover from an eating disorder, embrace my body, and rediscover my Intuitive Eater.  I say learning because this blog is about a journey that I am currently on, so you will get the raw, tangible feelings and thoughts of what it is like for me in the moment.  Some posts are entries that I made immediately after a particular experience (ex. a therapy session), and others are reflections describing feelings and experience over time.  I hope that my thoughts might help you on your own personal journeys to become Intuitive Eaters and end the war with your body permanently.

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