My last post about admitting defeat in a battle with my body left me feeling tremendously vulnerable.  I was so uncomfortable that not even 24 hours after I posted it, I wanted very badly to take down the post and I even got online to do so, when I read a fresh comment from a reader.

When I write a post, I advertise my new post on Facebook and on the Intuitive Eating Community website.  This comment from a tender follower from the Intuitive Eating Community website encouraged me to keep the post up because she felt the same way.  Since then, I have had several additional positive comments that have reaffirmed that my decision to be vulnerable was a courageous decision and worth it.  I wanted to share with you their comments, in hopes that they might help you to take a chance, to persevere despite tremendous emotional discomfort because if you take that chance like I did, then these words can also be said of you.


“I am feeling the exact same way this week. It’s driving me crazy. I don’t know how to quiet those voices in my head. I know we are not alone, and we’ll keep fighting.”

“Thank you so much for sharing this post! I can really relate, although I am not in the icy cold, dark water myself at the moment (but I’ve been there before and think your description is spot on!).

I really love the conclusion ” I lost this battle, but not the war”.”

“Thank you for sharing this. How are you doing?

I also find weight loss to be a major emotional trigger for me. I suspect, actually, that this has a lot to do with why I have not lost weight. Oh, and writing that out just made me realize that those fears must be one of my ‘blocks’ with IE that I need to work through (I had been thinking it was something that I needed to wait – weight, haha – out).

Anyway, keep posting. We’ll figure this out. I appreciate your blog and read it sometimes when I need some grounding. I should comment but I feel like a stranger!”

“Before i comment about the actual post, i would like to say – you are a really amazing writer! i love your phrases, sentence structures and style.

ok. i havent been battling self image for as long, but i have some advice ( i don’t know how much you will connect to it).

i think it’s REALLY important to know and remind ourselves ALL THE TIME that Gd gave us these bodies. He put our souls inside, trusting US to treat our bodies with respect and care, just like we would keep our most valuable treasure in a safe vessel.

I know that at the low and beyond low points of our self esteem it seems impossible to ever love ourselves, the food we eat or our actions, but i think the more we remind ourselves of how important our bodies are – not only to us, but to Gd too – the less horrible we will eventually feel about them.

a last side note – in addition to our bodies’ importance (it gives us life, it holds our souls) it is also good to keep in mind that it is just a body. this is REALLY hard to do, especially with how easy it is to judge others on their bodies, but try getting to know a person NOT based on looks or what you hear, but rather on how they treat you, how they act. I’ve been doing that this year. it makes me think of how different somebody can be on the inside!

sorry for such a long post! :)”   

“Hi Breanna, I just want to thank you for your honesty. I spent some time on your blog today and was impressed by your commitment and willingness to show ups AND downs. You mentioned you almost took down the post for feeling vulnerable … I heard an interesting TED talk about vulnerability. The woman, who researches the subject, says vulnerability is no weakness, it is pure courage. She adds, “vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” So, congrats on being courageous and inviting creativity and change!


This post is a simple shout-out to all my readers thanking you for your support and empathy.  I am edified, encouraged, and empowered by your stories and your comments.

2 thoughts on “IN A MOMENT OF NEED

  1. I will admit, I definitely felt like a weird creeper the first time I commented here since I don’t know you in real life (I found you initially on the Intuitive Eating board and followed you here). But I said, what the heck, why not? We are in this together, all of us… all of us women who have said, enough. I have had enough. And there is a tremendous strength in us that is only made stronger when we find one another and share our understanding. I really respect what you have to say here, and it has spurred my own reflections on the IE path. And I want to thank you for that! You’re bringing together all kinds of people here. And that’s amazing.

  2. Though it has been a long time since I have visibly self-harmed, very rare is the day that I don’t want to. You are not weak.

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