TO ALL: I am going on vacation for one week, so I won’t be able to post for a bit.  I thought I would leave you with a little victory to tide you over until I return.  Feel free to still comment and I will respond to them, also, when I return.  Blessings!


A big hurtle that I have had to overcome was dealing with my feelings of deprivation.  Whenever I would have something super delicious, I would always think that I better eat as much as I can because I might not get it again.  Most of the time, these thoughts about scarcity of certain foods would go undetected by me, but they would certainly fuel me to overeat.


Once I recognized these thoughts, the conversation often went like this: “Oh! This food is so delicious. I better have more because everyone else is going to eat it.  Then it will be gone and I might not have it again” (Gee, my thoughts are very long-winded!)  Then I learned to respond in this way, “No it won’t.  If I want to eat more, then I can make it again tomorrow.  No big deal.”  And “If you eat too much then you won’t want it anymore and you will feel gross; stick with what you have had and make more tomorrow if you still feel like it.


Those responding thoughts have really helped me to not overeat when I am eating something delicious.  I am a big girl.  I have two hands.  I have the power to make the food again everyday if I want to.


  1. Wow, that sound like what goes through my head….to the T. Good response though. I will remember that next time. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. so this post has made me realize that since having my second child, i do something very similar… my conversation is more like this: “wow, i still have room in my stomach! i can eat more if i want to! i better make use of this, it’s amazing to keep eating and not have to stop because my stomach is restricted by my uterus!” (another plate/bowl later:) “hmm, i think i still have more room! might as well finish it off so i don’t have to put it in the fridge and reheat it.”

    so, not exactly like what you described, but kind of… stuffing myself beyond what my body needs (and is trying to tell me!) because i’ve felt deprived the last half of my pregnancy, and so i feel like i need to eat everything that will fit in my stomach…

    what a weird realization. OH! but i do this EXACTLY if it comes to chocolate chip cookies! “um, if i don’t eat this then aaron will want some more… i better just eat the rest of them…”

    ahh! why do i do this?? i need to go think about this. i’ll try to remember to come back and share what i’ve discovered… perhaps i don’t listen to my body’s feeding cues as well as i thought i did?!

    • Thanks for being patient on me responding, Cassia. I am glad that you are able to come to some realizations of your own from my experiences. I, too need to think on this more and keep reminding myself of my journey and what to do next. Blessings on you and your realizations. I pray that they will take you to a better place than before! Love you, girl!

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